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Passion for exploration and adventurous spirit are at the core of our philosophy. We offer multiple formats of tour activities and develop trips to new directions previously unseen by tourists. Fill in the form and we will plan your personal trip for free. We are working on an app that will be available soon for download.
It is not just a list of places, it is a tailor made travel plan
DVITI will select places and find an optimal route based on your preferences and budget constraints
Suggestions of sights based on your preferences


Optimization of a route that will allow you to visit more places

Travel budget estimates in order to prepare the required amount in advance
Why choose us
Everyday we work hard to make life and trips of our clients better and happier
High quality
We are the young firm and reputation for us is more than just a word. Our goal is to deliver quality and value to our clients.
Our team is always ready to answer your questions. You can text us at the weekends and at night.
We have interviewed hundreds of people who travel worldwide. And we use their feedback to make our clients life better.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. Our tailor-made approach policy leads to success in every trip.
How it works
Feel in the Form
Press the button "Get your plan for free". Link will forward you to the page, where you have to answer questions regarding your trip preferences and submit the form.
Preparing Personal Plan
After you submit the form, our team will start working on your tailor-made trip. Individual approach is our main concern.
Get Your Travel Plan
As soon as your travel plan is ready (within 24 hours) we will send it to you via e-mail. We value your time and are working on app that will automotize all processes.
What our customers say
DVITI cares about customers and works on a daily basis to make each trip memorable
DVITI is a great solution for my short trips. I just choose the city where I want to go on the weekend, the rest is already done for me!
Anastasia Panchenko
Perssonal asistent in Sokolov jewelry Schweiz ag
I like DVITI for it's detailed and perfectly organized trips. I don't have to spend a bunch of time on my research and still not be sure about the quality of my trip.
Fedor Ivanushkin
Senior business analyst in Kearny

Get your perfect travel plan for free!
Feel free to write, call and visit us.
We really love to communicate with our clients.

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